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  • Latest News

    • February 16, 2018 Two Swiss designers, 58 Yamanote Line posters

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The two Tokyo-based Swiss designers Julien Mercier and Julien Wulff are about to complete half of their ambitious art project to present two individual posters for each of the 29 Yamanote Line train stations. After starting in July 2016 with Akihabara station on the Eastern side of the JR East ring railroad, they are now already working on posters for Harajuku station. Each art piece is supposed to present the designers’ vision of the neighborhood of one Yamanote station. Accordingly, one-time exhibitions are held in a venue in close vicinity of the station. [more]

    • February 13, 2018 Japan’s insatiable appetite for a Swiss toy

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The children’s toys of the Swiss company cuboro have become so popular in Japan that the products are difficult to obtain in many other parts of the world. The cuboro’s marble track system made of wooden blocks has been well-liked by children and adults for decades. But in Japan, it suddenly turned into a bestseller about one year ago because a sensationally successful teenage shogi player used to build cuboro marble tracks as a child. In 2015, the Swiss company was struggling due to the strong currency of Switzerland. Now, its production cannot keep up with orders.[more]

    • February 09, 2018 Switzerland aims to review Japan trade treaty

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The Swiss federal government will propose an update to the eight-year-old Agreement on Free Trade and Economic Partnership with Japan (FTEPA). This request is caused by Swiss concerns that the new EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) might lead to discrimination of some Swiss exports to Japan. The EU-Japan EPA was concluded in December and may come into force in 2019. Thus, the Swiss government would like to renegotiate some parts of the FTEPA to avoid any such discrimination. But so far, the Japanese government has not shown any interest in improvements of the bilateral trade treaty.[more]

    • February 05, 2018 Final acquittal of Schindler in tragic elevator death

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – After almost twelve years, Schindler, the Lucerne, Switzerland, based elevator and escalator manufacturer, can finally conclude the case of a fatal elevator accident in Japan once and for all. The Tokyo High Court issued a judgment in the criminal appeal proceedings against a former Schindler Japan employee related to the accident. The judgment reaffirmed the acquittal of the former employee by the court of first instance in 2015. A few months earlier, Schindler Japan had also reached a settlement with the Japanese family of the victim.[more]

    • February 02, 2018 Swiss watch exports rebound in 2017

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) - Growth has returned sooner than expected to Swiss watch industry exports which improved steadily in the course of 2017. This was only partly a result of the depreciation of the Swiss currency during the year because volume grew both in real and nominal terms. Growth in Asian countries, which represent about one-half of Swiss watch exports, was twice as strong as the global average. Demand in China increased, whereas exports to Japan saw a small downturn. “A growing number of markets returned to growth, but several of them are still lagging behind”, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry said. But 2018 may see a similar growth trend as 2017, it added.[more]

    • January 30, 2018 Switzerland and Japan becoming "crypto-nations"

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Switzerland and Japan are both bucking the global trend of mistrust and worries about speculation, security, fraud and money laundering. Instead, despite their conservative and highly regulated financial systems, the two countries have embraced the rise of digital money and perceive it as a chance rather than a threat. Switzerland has become a global hub for so-called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Japan is home to the most active trading platforms for bitcoins and other virtual currencies. Both hope to foster business innovation by promoting the world of digital money.[more]

    • January 26, 2018 Luncheon: “Growth rate in 2018 above trend”

      Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The global and the Japanese economy will continue to solidly grow this year, predicted Mr. Daiju Aoki, Regional CIO and Chief Economist for Japan at UBS's Chief Investment Office, Wealth Management, at the SCCIJ January Luncheon attended by more than 60 people. In Japan, growth momentum would be supported by domestic demand rather than exports. Another positive factor would be the stable political situation. The luncheon talk also focused on the consequences of the severe labor shortage, the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy framework and the fourth arrow of Abenomics aimed at reducing corporate cash and deposits.[more]

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