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    • Latest News

      • August 03, 2018 SCCIJ to donate to relief efforts in Western Japan

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCIJ) announced today that it will donate a total of 3 million yen (approximately US$ 27,000) to aid victims of the record rains that hit Western Japan in July. On behalf of the whole membership, the Executive Committee and the staff of the SCCIJ express their deepest sympathies to all those affected by the devastating floods. [more]

      • July 31, 2018 First Swiss micro electric vehicle to hit the road

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – “Microlino”, the first micro electric vehicle from Switzerland, is about to hit the roads after the cute mini car has passed the last tests for its homologation in the European Union. Mass production of Microlino may begin by the end of this year. This special battery driven mini vehicle may also reach Japan in the near future. Micro Mobility Systems, the Swiss inventor of Microlino, already operates a sales office in Tokyo for its large variety of micro scooters. Only a local manufacturing partner is required to get the Microlino on the road in Japan. [more]

      • July 27, 2018 Switzerland ponders reaction to EU-Japan trade deal

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The European Union has just signed a free trade agreement with Japan – like Switzerland did in 2009. This European Union-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) may come into force already by February 2019 whereas the Japan-Switzerland FTA has been operating for almost nine years. As a result, the new EU-Japan FTA which may come into force by February 2019 already has caused concern in Switzerland that Swiss companies may lose out to companies of the European Union. But the Swiss enterprise lobby “economiesuisse” considers this risk as rather small. There would be mainly one particular area where Switzerland may need to catch up with the EU, though, the lobby said.[more]

      • July 24, 2018 Maiden flight of Swiss stratospheric solar plane

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The first solar plane aimed at reaching the stratosphere has made an initial low-altitude test flight over Switzerland. It lasted seven minutes and reached an altitude of 300 meters. "The maiden flight of the prototype ... went off without a hitch," the SolarStratos team based in Payerne, Switzerland, said in a statement. Not only will SolarStratos be the first commercial two-seater solar plane in history, it will also be the first manned solar plane to penetrate the stratosphere. This is an impossible feat using a propulsion-driven aircraft. [more]

      • July 20, 2018 Switzerland takes pioneering role in drones

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The World Economic Forum, the international organization for public-private cooperation based in Davos, Switzerland, has created the Drone Innovators Network as a platform to bring together pioneering aviation authorities to share research, best practices and innovative new policies. The mission of the network, the first of its kind, is to inspire and accelerate the responsible use of drones across society. At the network’s inaugural event, at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Europe’s first nationwide Unmanned Traffic Management system put “digital stop signs” in the sky. Like Switzerland, Japan has also the ambition to become a leader in the use of drone technology.[more]

      • July 17, 2018 Nestlé Japan expands its health care platform

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Nestlé Japan is experimenting with its business model to turn itself from a food and beverage into a health care company. In March 2017, it launched an online platform called "Nestlé Wellness Ambassador" to support people in eating and living more healthily. Now, it has started using information from blood and DNA tests of its customers to personalize the nutritional advice even further. According to Kohzoh Takaoka, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Japan, this new Japan health strategy could provide a model for the whole company's behavior in other advanced countries. [more]

      • July 13, 2018 How Uniqlo wants to score with tennis champion Federer

        Tokyo (SCCIJ) – The Japanese textile giant Fast Retailing, the company behind the fashion brand "Uniqlo", has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer. For the next decade, the Swiss athlete allegedly receives CHF 30 million annually for promoting Uniqlo. Federer is already wearing Uniqlo branded clothes at the current Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament. Marketing experts are convinced that this advertising deal will foster the worldwide expansion of the "Uniqlo" brand although the years the Swiss tennis champion will spend on the tennis court are already numbered. [more]

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